Ultimate Data Security and Confidentiality

At Lampi, the security and privacy of your data are of utmost importance. Employing stringent measures, we ensure your data is always safeguarded.

Data Encryption
All your connected data are end-to-end encrypted while at rest, employing AES-256, and while in transit, through TLS to protect all your data flows interacting with AI.

Private AI
Lampi can be deployed on-demand in your own infrastructure (on-premise or on a custom cloud). Our confidentiality solutions can even be deployed as an entirely off-the-grid AI for most sensitive businesses. 

Documents, applications, and databases management
Your documents are stored as long as you are willing to keep them with bank-grade encryption (AES-256) in your own isolated container. You can delete your messages, uploaded files, connected applications, or databases; it will automatically delete their vector database representation. 

Secure and containerized data flows
Your input and output data flows are strictly containerized per company and per user, with no data sharing between them, even within the same account. Each workspace is only accessible to you, and eventually, the colleagues you invited.

Our commitment to confidentiality
You own your data end-to-end. They are not used for any AI training. We don't access, share, read or sell them to third parties.
Team control
You can select within your team the administrator(s) of your knowledge base and grant different and granular access to Lampi within your organization (or departments). Your selected administrator(s) manages and controls knowledge bases and individual user rights by granting specific access.  

Data Backups
We secure customer data through daily backups and encrypted asset protection. Our robust continuity measures ensure rapid recovery in the event of a disaster, underlining our commitment to reliable and secure AI solutions.

Report a security vulnerability
If you think or happen to come across a potential security vulnerability, kindly forward all pertinent details to our security team at contact@lampi.com. We will review all security concerns brought to our attention as soon as possible, investigate the situation, and formulate an appropriate strategy to mitigate and solve the potential issue.
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