Engagement & vision

Commitments & Ethics

At Lampi, we prioritize your security, privacy, and trust. Through innovation, we offer ethically-conscious AI solutions that prioritize the interests of both businesses and individuals. As we look to the future, our top priority is to minimize risks and ensure the ethical application of AI.


At Lampi, our commitment to our clients goes beyond providing top-notch AI solutions.

Security and privacy are our top priority

‍Nothing is more important than your data. Lampi has been designed from the ground up by an experienced team, with security and privacy at a top priority from day one. Our primary goal is to ensure the highest level of security for our customer's data. We are committed to always integrating state-of-the-art security measures into our system.

‍Customer Data Access

‍We don't access your data without obtaining your written consent. Access is granted exclusively to issue resolution, and we set strict policies regarding Lampi employee access to the data you might store with us. You will always have the same dedicated Lampi employees interlocutors. Any access to customer data for issue resolution is logged meticulously with granular audit logs from your dedicated Lampi team.

‍Internal Protocol

‍Our employees regularly partake in comprehensive security training, encompassing critical areas like data confidentiality, and information security.

‍Access & Controls

‍We fully comprehend the paramount importance of granting secure and appropriate access to the right individuals. At Lampi, we are committed to meticulously managing user access, ensuring that authorized individuals gain entry precisely when they need it, and matching your administrator access requests.

‍Uptime Over 99.99%

‍Our commitment also encapsulates the promise of reliability. Thanks to years of experience with large-scale technical infrastructure, we are able to achieve or surpass 99.99% uptime. This ensures our customers have uninterrupted access to our platform.

Adaptation and Continuous Learning

‍In the fast-paced field of AI, staying updated and adaptable is crucial. We have a culture of continuous improvement and forefront innovations, with all new product features and internal processes peer-reviewed and evaluated for their security impact.

‍Secure Vendors

‍We employ best practices from secure vendors, ensuring that the stringent security standards of industry leaders are incorporated into our operations.

‍Lampi’s compliance with GDPR

‍Lampi is developed with a strong focus on customer privacy and data protection, operating with the utmost respect for GDPR regulations.


Our commitment to ethics underlies our every action at Lampi. We are not merely content with legal compliance; we strive to go above and beyond, setting a new benchmark in the ethical use and development of responisble AI solutions.

Beneficial AI

At Lampi, we believe in AI as a tool for bettering our world, now and in the future. Our AI solutions are designed with human needs at the core, built to enhance lives, solve complex problems, and streamline work processes.

Transparent AI

We believe in explainable, traceable, and transparent AI. We keep users informed about how AI models work, how we use them, and any questions you might have, making transparency an essential part of our AI development process.

Equitable AI

Our AI solutions are designed with fairness, integrity, and equality in mind. We make the necessary to avoid biases, guard against discrimination, and strive for equal access to our services.

Accountable AI

Our AI development aligns with corporate codes of conduct and ethical standards. We aim for compliance with globally applicable laws, striving for more than just legal adherence.

Responsible AI

Our AI solutions respect users' privacy and security expectations. We give users control over their data sharing and assure compliance with data protection regulations.