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Perform your tasks and workflows with AI agents

Secure Generative AI for professionals • from Corporate Finance to Consulting

Automate your tasks and workflows with AI Agents

Supercharging corporate finance & consulting value creation capacities with best AI LLMs.
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Our mission

Elevating humans value creation thanks to AI agents

Secure AI platform with the best and latest LLMs to power predictable and fine-tuned AI agents that pick the relevant information from your data and web, reason, iterate, and tackle complex tasks.

Our AI agents understand your objectives and consistently deliver complete task execution

1. They reason and define multi-step action plan based on your query

They adopt a human approach to define all the steps to achieve specific goals.

2. Retrieve all relevant insights from multiple sources

From AI-powered web browsing to all your data and insights through multiple connectors.

3. Iterate and craft a fact-based answer or report

Receive qualitative and precise fact-based answers with the sources of information.

Produce work with your personalized AI agentic workflows

Create your action plan and build advanced matrix to access in one click

You can easily define and save custom multi-step action plans and pre-select information sources for our AI agents.
Access them in your workspace, build and launch impactful personalized AI agentic workflows in one click.

Always find the most relevant insights

Best-in-class Enterprise search relevance

Interact with all your data with the most advanced techniques to maximize the quality, consistency, and reliability of your search results.

Integrate search results into AI workflows

Easily gather all relevant information and integrate them into AI agentic workflows.


Your AI meeting assistant Note-taker everywhere

We have built an AI-interoperable ecosystem with AI-meeting assistant to integrate every insight from everywhere into AI workflows.

Pre-trained and fine-tuned AI Agents

Our fine-tuned and pre-trained agents are experts in specific tasks. They provide highly detailed and accurate answers. Connect your databases and integrations and you’re good to go.

We focus on providing secure, explainable, and trustworthy AI

At Lampi, the security and privacy of your data are of utmost importance. We deploy a confidential and sovereign infrastructure independent of third-party and employ stringent measures to ensure your data and data flows are and stay secure.

Hosting solutions • Enterprise grade security • Dynamic guardrails • Enterprise data permissions • On-premise


Advanced Technology
Designed For Your Enterprise

Multimodal and modular platform using the best and latest LLMs

We offer a dynamic arsenal of meticulous state-of-the-art tested and fine-tuned open-source models, each specifically implemented for each of our features. This flexibility ensures to always implement the latest and best LLMs to maximize AI outputs over time and to deploy a relevant model, depending on the task.


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