Introducing Lampi V2.0: our new AI platform powered with finetuned Agents for enterprises. Learn more.

Custom and Confidential AI

Lampi is fuly modular and customizable to your business needs.

Your own and unique AI

Confidential AI infrastructure

We follow ultimate security and confidentiality standards and deploy Lampi privately in a tailored infrastructure with dedicated GPUs (or in your own it infrastructure) to protect your sensitive data.  

We respect enterprise data permissions.

Custom fine-tuned AI models

We process, adjust, and adapt pre-trained models to better handle certain tasks or specialize in specific business verticals.

We employ a meticulous process that involves multiple stages of selection, training, iteration, and optimization.

Why us?

Ultimate Security & Confidentiality

Lampi can be implemented on a dedicated GPU or in your own IT infrastructure (on-cloud or on-premise). For the most sensitive data, we also offer offline solutions.

Our AI expertise

We provide the expertise to leverage and fine-tune state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) with your enterprise or domain knowledge.

Data curation solutions

We provide the necessary tools for data curation at scale —thanks to cutting-edge architectures, algorithms, innovative processes and support from our AI experts.

Flexible deployment

Lampi can be accessed through a SaaS model, on cloud infrastructure, or private deployments (VPC and on-premises).

Advising & Support

We provide the advice and support needed to ensure a seamless AI integration.

Accelerated deployment

Lampi comes with connectors to common data sources to accelerate the deployment.

Build your tomorrow, today.

Make your workforce happier.


of people are struggling to have time & energy to do their job


of a work day is related to content creation


Employees would heavily delegate their workloads to AI



of EBIT improvement thanks to AI
(McKinsey 2023)

Accelerate AI adoption with custom and secure solutions

We are here to help you deploy an impactful AI to improve value creation, ROI and happiness of your team in order to gain a significant advantage over your competitors!

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