Custom and private AI
for your Enterprise

Increase productivity and efficiency by introducing a custom and private AI copilot within your organization.

Lampi can be customized to your business needs. We provide the expertise to leverage and fine-tune state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs) with your enterprise or domain knowledge, ensuring they outperform standard models like ChatGPT.

We follow ultimate security and confidentiality standards and deploy Lampi privately to protect your sensitive data.

Alongside our features...

Ultimate confidential AI infrastructure
We deploy state-of-the-art LLM in a tailored infrastructure with dedicated GPUs (or in your own IT infrastructure)
Custom fine-tuned AI Models
We employ a meticulous process to fine-tune LLM with your enterprise or domain knowledge.
Fine-tuned Embeddings
We provide a unique platform to retrieve knowledge through a vector search system and generate content from it.
Data curation solution
We allow to easily curate your data in order to maximize your outputs.
Advising & Support 
We provide the advice and support needed to ensure a seamless AI integration.

Build your tomorrow, today.

Make your workforce happier.


of people are struggling to have time & energy to do their job


of a work day is related to content creation


Employees would heavily delegate their workloads to AI



of EBIT improvement thanks to AI
(McKinsey 2023)


Easily deploy custom and private AI in weeks not years


Up to 3 days.

Executive Briefing

We start off with a high-level discussion about your specific AI needs and pain points,

Business Needs Assessment (2-3 days)

Our AI expert team conducts a thorough analysis of your business requirements, laying the groundwork for an optimized AI solution.

AI Modeling*

Max. 5 weeks.

Prototype Modeling and Testing (2 weeks)

We adapt our solution to your needs. We iterate, test, incorporate human feedbacks, and refine to ensure our solution fits your needs.

Feedback and Fine-tuning (3 weeks)

We value your inputs and use it to further refine the prototype and implementation plan, making the necessary modifications for a perfect fit with your business requirements.

AI Deployment

Max 2 months.

Full-Scale Rollout

We deploy our customized and tested AI solution on top and into your production environment.

Continuous Support and Optimization

Post-deployment, we monitor and remain dedicated to providing ongoing support and periodic enhancements, ensuring our AI platform continually improves and adds value to your business.

The specific durations may vary depending on the complexity, unique requirements of your project and your team implication

Meet our AI expert team.

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